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Q. IBM xServer 更換 RAID Card 電池注意事項?

Error Message:
此次實作環境中,實體伺服器為 IBM x3850 M2 所安裝的 RAID Card 為 ServerRaid-MR10k,當伺服器開機後便出現如下錯誤訊息,查詢相關文件後為「RAID Card 電池損壞」,必須更換 RAID Card 的蓄電池?

原本 RAID Card 運作正常時為「Write-Back Mode」,當 RAID Card 電池損壞時 RAID Card 運作模式自動變為「Write-Through Mode」,並顯示如下錯誤訊息:
Your battery is either charging, bad or missing, and you have VDs configured for write-back mode. Because the battery is not currently usable, these VDs will actually run in write-through mode until the battery is fully charged or replaced if it is bad or missing.

參考 IBM 支援中心入口網站 RAID hard drive Write-Cache defaults to Write-Through mode - IBM Servers 文件後,將伺服器關機後「更換原廠電池料件」並且也「更新 RAID Card Firmware 版本 (8.0.1-0036 --> 11.0.1-0024)」,更新作業完成後開機出現如下訊息,表示因為更換新的蓄電池必須持續充電 24 小時,待蓄電池充電完成後之後重新開機便不會出現此訊息。
Your VDs that are configured for write-back are temporarily running in write-through mode. This is caused by the battery being charged, missing, or bad. battery to charge for 24 hours before evaluating battery for replacement.